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Despite having worked with Chris Evans and Daniel Craig on previous films, Ana de Armas had an issue with her co-star in Blade Runner 2049.
Ana de Armas has become a widely recognized actress due to her roles in popular films like Knives Out and Blade Runner 2049. She has even proven to take criticism well, as she did after portraying Marilyn Monroe in Blonde. Yes, Ana de Armas has established herself in the entertainment industry, although some individuals may question whether she is a newcomer or a veteran who is now gaining notoriety. Nonetheless, her success in Hollywood speaks for itself.
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Ana de Armas is a renowned Hollywood actress who has always kept her private life under wraps. However, her relationship with co-star Ben Affleck made headlines in 2020. Ultimately, the couple split up early in 2021. Despite this setback in her personal life, Ana de Armas's image has become even more enigmatic and shrouded in mystery. However, we found something out about her audition for Blade Runner 2049, that completely shocked us and we bet you will be surprised by it too!
Ana de Armas, is a rising star who has always known that she wanted to be an actress. Despite her early passion for acting, her parents were initially hesitant about allowing her to pursue such a precarious career. However, they eventually relented after she attended a drama school in Cuba.
During her time at the drama school, de Armas had the unique opportunity to work and learn simultaneously. As part of her coursework, she spent time on set, which gave her valuable knowledge about the film industry beyond acting. This experience taught her about directing, punctuality on set, and the importance of memorizing lines.
At the age of 18, de Armas moved to Spain to pursue her acting career. She faced many challenges, including language barriers and financial struggles, but her perseverance paid off when she landed her first role in a Spanish film. From there, she continued to work hard and eventually caught the attention of Hollywood.
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In the interview, de Armas emphasizes the importance of hard work and dedication in pursuing a career in acting. She also credits her success to the support of her family and the lessons she learned at drama school and on set. Overall, Ana de Armas' journey to becoming a successful actress is a testament to the power of perseverance and the importance of taking advantage of every opportunity to learn and grow.
For Ana de Armas, playing Joi in Blade Runner 2049 was a crucial milestone in her career. However, the audition process for the role was far from easy. The chemistry test required her to be in a room alone with Ryan Gosling, which made her extremely anxious and terrified. Despite having worked with Chris Evans and Daniel Craig on previous films, she admitted to shaking uncontrollably at the very thought of meeting Gosling.
In an interview with American Airlines Magazine, Ana de Armas opened up about her fears and anxieties during the audition process, saying, "Oh, hell yes, I was nervous. I auditioned three times for [the role of] Joi, and the third time, I knew he [Ryan Gosling] would be there. I was shaking so badly. They put you in a room together and make you read things to see how your chemistry is. I wish I had the tape of that meeting. I’ve been very lucky because these men [her co-stars] are all very handsome, but the best part of it is who they are as people. I’ve had the best partners."
Ana de Armas most recently finished up the Apple TV+ film Ghosted. In this romantic spy thriller viewers are introduced to Cole (Chris Evans) and Sadie (Ana de Armas). Cole decides to take matters into his own hands and travels to London in the hopes of surprising Sadie and learning more about her enigmatic secrets after she ghosts him after just one date. Little does he know, Sadie is a CIA agent with plenty of secrets to uncover. As Cole delves deeper into Sadie's world, he becomes entangled in a dangerous web of espionage and must decide whether to trust his heart or his instincts to survive. The stakes are high as he races against time to uncover the truth and protect himself from those who will stop at nothing to keep their secrets hidden.
In an interview with USA Today about the film, Ana stated she prefers to do her own stunts, “Part of the reason why you do action is because of how fun it is to do it, so if I just show up there to say my lines and then someone else does the action for me, I'm actually missing all the fun. It’s demanding and painful, and your body is hurting everywhere, but it’s also very rewarding, as I saw myself getting better at it.” She also did her own stunts for Gray Man and No Time To Die.
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Ana already has another movie in production as well. Ballerina, initially a stand-alone movie has now been added to the John Wick Universe. This movie includes a lot of big names. Aside from de Armas, Keanu Reeves as John Wick, Ian McShane as Winston, and Lance Reddick as Charon.
Ana De Armas is set to become a highly sought-after actress in Hollywood as her schedule fills up with the completion of the film Ballerina. Some actresses have tried, but failed, to bring a female version of John Wick to the big screen. However, de Armas may be the one to succeed as she will be joining alongside Keanu Reeves' character in the John Wick world. With this and her impressive action scenes in her other recent movies, de Armas may be on her way to becoming a new Hollywood action star. One thing is for sure, though, with such a diverse range of roles under her belt, it's clear that de Armas is a versatile actress with a bright future ahead of her in Hollywood.
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