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Bernie Sanders has added his voice in support of the ongoing writers’ strike after Warner Bros CEO, David Zaslav gave a commencement address at Boston University.
Sanders took to Twitter to urge Warner Bros Discovery to pay its writers. The US Senator called out the company, stating that it can pay its writers a fair wage considering it’s able to pay Zaslav around $286 million in compensation. He also mentioned the graduating student chants that occurred and supported their message to “pay their writers.”
If Warner Bros Discovery can afford to pay its CEO David Zaslav $286 million in compensation over the past 2 years, it can afford to pay its writers much better wages and benefits. Mr. Zaslav: Listen to the Boston University students and the Writers Guild. Pay your writers.
Sanders hasn’t been the only one to call out Warner Bros during the strike. Adam Conover from Adam Ruins Everything called out Warner Bros Discovery during his interview with CNN, which is also owned by the media company. He expressed a similar sentiment to Sanders.
Zaslav was called out at Boston University as the graduating class chanted “Pay your writers” to the CEO, which led to interruptions in his speech. In an earlier interview on CNBC, he commented on the strikes and claimed that the writers’ “love for storytelling” and “love of working” is going to end the strikes.
The writers’ strikes started the day after the 2023 Met Gala, where guild members walked out of the job due to negotiations between the WGA and production networks falling apartl. Writers have a list of demands for their employers if they want them to return. In the meantime, they’ve been shutting down various productions as well as protesting in front of studios and network buildings.
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