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BLACKPINK member Jennie schooled BABYMONSTER on the latest episode of Last Evaluation.
BLACKPINK member Jennie was recently seen judging BAYBMONSTER’s pre-debut performance on Last Evaluation. While Jennie liked the girl’s overall performance, there was one thing in particular that Jennie thought the group could have done better. Once she was done individually evaluating each member of the group, Jennie paused for a second before finally changing her tone. Following an announcement by YG concerning the number of members of BABYMONSTER earlier this year, the group was split into two sub groups. The latter was done to facilitate a final evaluation of the group that will eventually decide what BABYMONSTER’s official line-up is going to be.
The song that team B had to perform in front of Jennie was ‘Stay’. ‘Stay’ is a BLACKPINK single that was released in 2017 as part of their album ‘Square Two’. When evaluating the members of team B that includes Rora, Haram, Chiquita and Asa, Jennie spoke at length about what the girls had gotten right. Adding to the aforementioned , she finally changed her tone and shared her advice on something that she considered was paramount for any performance. 

Jennie told the members that a few of them were looking in the mirror in front of them instead of making eye contact with Jennie, someone who had come especially to watch them perform. Jennie then told the girls how important it was to in fact recognise, acknowledge and connect with one’s audience. She also mentioned how even the best dancing and singing skills were not going to help them if they failed to connect with the audience. 
In an official announcement made in mid-2021, YG Entertainment revealed that a new girl group, their first since BLACKPINK, was soon debuting. The members of the group were then introduced to the world by a series of video teasers. A follow-up announcement concerning the group then revealed that the group will ‘never have’ seven members. In the said announcement, YG Enteratinment’s Yang Hyun Suk was herald saying that BABYMONSTER will never be a seven member group and that the group will definitely be less than seven.
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