BTS: Suga embraces red hair and solitude in latest photoshoot, ARMY call him the ’embodiment of comfort’ – The Indian Express

BTS’s concept photoshoots ‘Me Myself and I’, which began with Jungkook enjoying vampire-like avatar, is now concluding with Suga, who just wants to embrace solitude for a while. In the new concept video of around a minute,  a red-haired Suga is in the middle of fields and watching the mountains. He has his guitar, and sits next to a bonfire as he watches the picturesque surroundings. This comes right after J-Hope’s experimental attempt at purple hair, and embracing destruction.
RM, on the other hand, also exhibited the various sides to himself—the singer and the art lover.

Eagle-eyed ARMY noticed in the video, and came out with their own interpretations.
One fan remembered, “I’m actually gonna cry yoongi‘s item is a compass card and it reminds me of when yoongi said “a compass needle always wavers before pointing in the right direction. life too is the same”. he is literally the embodiment of comfort i love him so much.” Another recalled, “A compass’ needle always wavers before pointing in the right direction. life too is the same.” like I’m crying.”
Much to the excitement of fans, Suga announced last week that he would be doing a world tour, which included several locations in the US and a few in Asia. This also gave hope to fans that he would not be heading for the mandatory military service anytime soon, probably owing to the severe shoulder injury he had suffered years ago, and for which he had to undergo surgery.
Suga also hosts his own drinking show, Suchwita, which has seen several high-profile celebrities, including Seventeen’s Hoshi and Big Bang’s Taeyang. Jungkook is expected to feature on the show soon. Suga is said to be working on his album, though the dates have not been confirmed as yet.
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