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ExtraEmily decided to become a plant by burying herself in cedar mulch behind Mizkif’s house in one of her latest stream.
ExtraEmily has made headlines a couple of times already this year. Emily rose to the top of Twitch very quickly. Mizkif and ExtraEmily have been collaborating on streams often as of late, often messing around on stream together in amusing ways.
Emily often does very outlandish and strange things for the amusement of her viewers, such as spanking a complete stranger in public, while her most recent subathon required her to tape herself up on a wall, with eggs and other projectiles being tossed at her for a whole 13 hours straight.
Once the event had ended Emily jumped into a freezing pool for good measure. One of her recent on-stream adventures saw her ‘decorate’ Mizkif’s streaming room with an overwhelming number of colorful sticky notes. She also had police called on her for kayaking in a skate park.
And now Emily decided she wanted to become a plant buried in Mizkif’s backyard, so she grabbed a couple of bags of cedar mulch, and did exactly that. And then she asked fellow streamer WakeWilder to throw water balloons at her for good measure.
The clip garnered some hilarious reactions from both live viewership and other users reacting to it later.
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Such as this Reddit comment that perfectly summarizes the whole idea behind the stream: “It’s like when you place a person who committed a crime like public intoxication in shackles in the town square, and the townsfolk are throwing tomatoes at them,”
“Wake had like 4 headshots in a row. Freaking hilarious,” commented another user.
Emily spent nearly 2 hours buried in the backyard, survived entire volleys of water balloons, and spend time with her chat reacting to videos they shared with her.


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