First look at Johnny Depp’s new movie ‘Jeanne du Barry’ – AS USA

After a three-year absence from the world of film, Johnny Depp is back in a leading role in the upcoming French film, ‘Jeanne du Barry’, set to open the 2023 Cannes Film Festival next month.
A trailer for the movie has been released, showcasing Depp’s French-speaking skills as he takes on the role of French King Louis XV.
The trailer shows the titular character presented to an audience as Jeanne Vaubernier, played by actress Maïwenn, the name she assumes before she becomes the mistress of French nobleman Jean du Barry (played by Melvil Poupaud).
Du Barry introduces Jeanne to the world of Parisian high society, where she is subsequently presented to the king himself. Before she meets with him, she is warned to not look him in the eye, an act that would be taken by the court to mean she is intending to orchestrate something with the king.
But during her presentation, Jeanne does exactly that, causing the members of the court to gasp in shock.
The king, played by Depp, is immediately shown to take a liking to Du Barry. But this causes an uproar within his entourage, who take offense at the fact that the king has chosen to associate himself with someone “from the street”, but he insists she will stay a member of his entourage.
The other members then conspire to create a plan to have Jeanne removed from court. Jeanne discovers that the king has other mistresses, and the final shot of the trailer shows Jeanne apparently running away from Versailles.
Throughout the trailer, Depp is shown speaking French.
Jeanne du Barry’ premiered at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival on May 16, premiering in movie theaters across France on the same day.
A U.S. date for the movie has not yet been released, and the film appears to be meant for a French audience, as the trailer and marketing for the movie lack official English subtitles or translations.
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