How Martha Stewart's Love Life Has Changed After 'Sports Illustrated' Cover (Exclusive) – Entertainment Tonight

Martha Stewart‘s latest gig has resulted in several potential suitors coming forward. ET’s Rachel Smith spoke to the 81-year-old cover star of Sports Illustrated‘s swimsuit edition at the magazine’s New York City party on Thursday, and Stewart revealed how her love life has changed since she landed the coveted gig.
“I’ve gotten a few inquiries. Just a couple,” Stewart told ET, without naming names as to who slid into her DMs. 
Entering into a new romance isn’t Stewart’s priority now, as she noted that she’s “still working really hard.”
“You have to make time for certain things. My garden is very important,” she said, before sharing that her grandchildren are currently the most important thing in her life. “It’s the best. I have two amazing grandchildren.”
While she’s not necessarily looking for love in real life right now, Stewart is totally open to having an on-screen romance.
“Maybe I’ll do a movie or one of the great series’ that’s on now,” she said, adding that she’s confident she’ll “find the right leading man” to star alongside her.
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Until then, Stewart is reveling in the success of her swimsuit cover, a job that she was initially “kind of surprised” to land. “I was just surprised because I’ve done so many other things I didn’t expect to be topping with this,” she marveled.
Leading up to the shoot, Steward focused on a good diet and healthy living, things she prioritizes more and more with each year that passes.
“It’s terrible!” she says of aging. “So we’re not going there. We’re not.”
Another thing Stewart won’t go there with? Plastic surgery. “For what?” she questioned in response to if she’d ever go under the knife. Instead, Stewart is living her life fully as herself, something she hopes to inspire others to do too.
“I think the world has embraced the fact that you can be whoever you are whenever you want to be it,” she said. “That’s really what I think is helping. I think it’s helping people. You put on a bathing suit and you feel good about it. [People are] trying a little harder to keep your good health, your good looks, your good skin, your good hair.”
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