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Island season 2 ended with the hope that they will return someday. Van (Kim Nam Gil), Won Mi-ho (Lee Da Hee) and Priest Yohan (Cha Eun Woo) can’t just end with that. While the end was predictable, it made for a great watch and some amazing special effects. This season also mentions India and this is what we will discuss today. They talk about the fabled story of the awakening of Daku Angulimaal.  Island Season 1: 5 Reasons Why The Kim Nam Gil, Lee Da Hee and Cha Eun Woo Fantasy Fiction Left Us Underwhelmed.
Back in school, we were taught the story of Dacoit Angulimaal, who denounces his path of sinful existence when Lord Buddha’s presence enlightens him. In Island season 2, Le Do Hee’s  Wonjeong narrates his story to Van and his cellmate Gungtan (Sung Joon). While she tells the story about his awakening, she misses out on why the man was feared as Angulimaal. Island: Kim Nam Gil and Lee Da Hee’s Chemistry Is Making Us Catch Feelings; 5 Pics Reveal How.
Here’s what the series tells you:



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Here’s what the series didn’t tell you
Angulimaal was a feared dacoit who resided in a forest and would attack the travelers passing through the forest. As a prize, he would chop the finger of the victims and wear them around his neck as a garland. That’s the reason he was called Angulimaal. Anguli is Hindi which means finger!
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