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Actor Johnny Depp’s comeback might be worse than we thought.
Ever since the defamation trial ended with ex-wife Amber Heard, many fans have been wondering what might be next for Johnny Depp.
While Amber Heard is moving on with Aquaman 2 set to be released later this year, Depp moved out of Hollywood and has been spending his time in Europe working on his acting and music career. The actor is set to perform at the Jeff Beck Tribute Concert this month, but that’s not all that’s been happening in his world.
The biggest news surrounding Johnny Depp has been the tease of a possible return to the role of Captain Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean. While there have been rumors that the actor and Disney have been in talks, the truth of the matter is that this remains unknown. In addition to the speculation surrounding Pirates of the Caribbean, many insiders have claimed that Depp might be returning to Hollywood in another fashion, instead joining longtime friend Tim Burton for Beetlejuice 2. However, it seems like he might be having more trouble than we thought with a project that has been dubbed his “comeback.”
Maïwenn, the filmmaker behind the acclaimed DNA, is set to open the Cannes Film Festival with her latest project, Jeanne du Barry, a departure from her usual style as it is her first-period film. The movie stars Johnny Depp as King Louis XV, but rumors of on-set tension between Maïwenn and Depp have been circulating for some time. Maïwenn did not deny the rumors in a recent French Premiere interview, and it now appears that the situation was worse than previously thought, with Depp’s screen time being reduced to just 10 minutes due to chaos on the set.
“Johnny Depp is an excellent actor when he comes on the set… Except that sometimes the team is ready at 6 a.m. and no one comes,” an insider said. “So, afterward, Maïwenn gets angry and the next day, it is she who does not come and there is Johnny Depp… It’s madness.”
With so much backlash surrounding Depp, apparently, on set of this movie, things didn’t go well. With rumors of problems on the set of Pirates of the Caribbean, this doesn’t seem to bode well for Depp making a return as Captain Jack Sparrow.
While there are still hopes that Depp might one day return to Disney or Warner Bros. to play an iconic role, it would seem that the chances are slim, at least for the time being. One rumor that has since been disproven was that Depp could return to Disney for a live-action Nightmare Before Christmas, but fans will, unfortunately, have to wait and see if this will ever hit the big screen.
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