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Natalie Portman is currently basking in the overwhelming response received for her movie May December, which premiered at Cannes Film Festival on Saturday (May 20). The movie highlights a scandal that arises due to the age differences between two people in a relationship. Talking about the movie and her role, Natalie highlighted the discrepancy in the way men and women are expected to behave. 
Natalie Portman took the stage at Cannes 2023 to speak about disparity against women. She stated that women’s behaviour is dependent on how society expects them to behave. The actress also pointed out the differences in expectations between men and women on a platform such as Cannes Film Festival itself. 

As per Deadline, Talking about differences in expectations for men and women at Cannes, Natalie argued, “Even here, the different ways we, as women, are expected to behave at this festival even compared to men… how we’re supposed to look, how we’re supposed to carry ourselves”. She was seemingly referring to the Cannes norms for women mandated to wear high heel footwear while men do not have any such mandated regulations. Natalie added by saying, “The expectations are different for you all the time. It affects how you behave, whether you are buying into or rejecting it. You’re defined by the social structures upon you”.
Natalie Portman stars as the main lead in the movie May December which premiered at Cannes Film Festival. Along with Natalie Portman, director Todd Haynes, Charles Melton and Julianne Moore also attended the movie premiere. As soon as the end credits for the movie rolled, the audience stood up to give a thunderous 6-minute ovation. Video of the cast during the standing ovation is going viral. 
Natalie Portman, Todd Haynes, Julianne Moore and Charles Melton receive a standing ovation as they enter the Cannes Film Festival screening of the film.
Cannes Film Festival 2023 is being held at the French Riviera from May 16 to May 27. Several international celebrities like Natalie Portman, Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert De Niro, Dua Lipa, Gigi Hadid, Jennifer Lawrence and Michelle Yeoh walked the red carpet at Cannes 2023. The film festival is held every year to honour excellence in cinema.  


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