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If you have been online in the past 24 hours, you have probably seen a video where an entire college gets together in the most Bollywood way possible to get two people “married.” While this new-viral video first spread like wildfire on TikTok, it has also been doing the rounds on Twitter, and Instagram since and shows the “fun” tradition of a university in Lahore, Pakistan. According to several encounters and confessions on social media, an anniversary is an annual event where two seniors are fake married to each other, and students come together to prepare for this very extravagant and grand event. The videos of the Pak college show the level of effort students have been putting in to make this event look like a scene from a produced movie. Viral Video: ‘Tota, Myna’ Get Married With Band Baaja Baraat Followed by Reception in Madhya Pradesh After Horoscopes Match.



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This year’s “wedding” video, which has since gone viral, has various references to Bollywood weddings that have happened in the past, including the recreation of the iconic Kiara Advani – Siddharth Malhotra wedding. And well, social media has since been filled with various comments, jokes and observations about this viral tradition. Student Defines ‘Marriage’ in Hilarious Way; His Viral Interpretation About The Sanctioned Union Will Make You Laugh Till it Hurts.
People could not help but love the bride and groom:
everyone on my tl simping over the fake wedding dulha and honestly i get it

Possible romance movie plots were written:

Some hard facts were also thrown as jokes:

And overall, people just wanted to be a part of this event:

While like anything on the internet, this fake wedding video also had its fair share of criticism; it was the overall video and the jokes, references and positive responses that made it stand out. From calling it the real-life version of every college in a Karan Johar movie to appreciating the deviation of the students who plan all the different events, the internet overall was in love with this idea of the fake wedding! 
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