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Dwayne Johnson has had a vast career ranging from a football field to the glam city of Los Angeles. Before making his way in Hollywood, The Rock had already made a name for himself in the world of wrestling. Although it was not something he was initially interested in accomplishing, he ended up enjoying it and made sure everyone knew the name, which would soon make waves in the film industry as well. One of these attempts also included his brief appearances in TV shows before making his feature film debut with The Mummy Returns.
After this, he landed the lead role in Chuck Russel’s The Scorpion King. He went on to star in multiple films over the past two decades. However, despite giving several box office hits, Johnson has been portraying almost similar characters in most of his movies. However, it still does not seem to impact the box office performances of his films.
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Dwayne Johnson landed his first on-screen leading role in the 2002 film The Scorpion King. The film did pretty well at the box office and proved to be a great debut for the wrestler-turned-actor. Followed by the 2002 film, he showed his range of acting by featuring in comedies like The Rundown and Tooth Fairy.
While some of these films did pretty well, others were unable to keep The Rock’s momentum in Hollywood. However, it was all just the beginning, as he was already making plans to find his feet in the industry. The Other Guys actor once said, “I felt there were bigger and better opportunities.” And he would soon recognize and utilize these opportunities to become one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood.
Johnson found his niche in the fifth installment of the Fast and Furious franchise, in which he featured as the federal agent Luke Hobbs. Not only the film became one of the biggest films in the franchise, but it also became one of the biggest films of The Rock’s career.
He reprised his role in three more films under the franchise and a solo film, Hobbs & Shaw. Having a wrestling background, Johnson always wanted to star in action films, and as he found his place in action films, he was able to make himself one of the biggest stars in the film industry.
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Considering Dwayne Johnson usually stars in action films, many believe that he is stuck in a specific mold of tough and larger-than-life characters. This has also led to criticism following his repetitive roles in the films. However, many believe that the actor deliberately takes such a role as these are the ones he succeeds in most often.
It is also argued that featuring in similar roles back to back limits his potential, range, and ability to take more versatile and challenging roles. However, the criticism hardly seems to impact the performances of his films at the box office as most of his movies, including the Jumanji franchise, Rampage, Skyscraper, and many others, did pretty well at the box office.
This has caused the rise of the paradox following the Baywatch actor, that despite the constant criticism for his repetitive roles, his films continue to soar at the box office. It could also be due to the way he approaches his fans and audience as he thanks them for their love and promises to give his best in every way possible.
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During an interview with Rolling Stone, Dwayne Johnson said that he is not interested in portraying a “borderline psychopath suffering from depression” on screen. He said that he wants to represent something that could bring joy and does not want to display “dark sh*t” to his audience.
However, it would not be totally fair to say that the Red Notice actor has not attempted to step out of his comfort zone. In films like Central Intelligence and Pain & Gain, he shows his comedic skills, and Moana shows off his skills as a voice actor. Although the number seems limited compared to his action movies, it does show his willingness to try and explore new genres and characters.
While it is believed that he could be seen as Hobbs once again in Fast X, his upcoming films also have a number of action comedies, including Red One and Big Trouble in Little China. It would be interesting to see if the actor would continue to please his audience as the tough action star or would make an effort to try something new this time.

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