Taapsee Pannu reveals no one brings gifts in Bollywood parties: ‘Koi kuch nahi deta, bade hi kanjoos type log hain’ – The Indian Express

Taapsee Pannu recently revealed that the social etiquettes of those living in the world of Bollywood are vastly different than regular people. In a conversation with The Lallantop, Taapsee shared that actors attending each other’s birthday parties or Diwali parties don’t get any gifts for each other. Taapsee was speaking about attending Shah Rukh Khan’s birthday party and when asked about the gift she chose for him, the Badla actor said, “Koi kya hi dega? Shah Rukh Khan ko koi kya hi de sakta hai? (What will anyone give him? What can you give Shah Rukh Khan?)
When the host asked if she gave him nothing, Taapsee said, “Koi kuch nahi deta (No one gives anything).” Taapsee further explained that she thought what can you give someone who has everything. “Toh mera toh dimag nahi chal raha (I couldn’t think of anything).”
When the host suggested that she could have given him a book as he loves to read, Taapsee said, “I know, but what kind of books? I don’t know. At that time, you are thinking that whatever I gift him, he will be nice and say thank you and keep it but if they don’t like it, they might judge me for it. They might think that she gets these kind of gifts so you are out there only, so you don’t gift anything out of that fear. So I did not get anything,” she said.
Taapsee was then speaking about a Diwali party at the Bachchan residence and shared that there too, people show up without any gifts. “Vahan pe sab bina gift ke hi jaate hain (Everyone shows up there without any gifts),” she said. And when the host appeared shocked again, she laughed and said, “Bade hi kanjoos type log hain, but nahi… (Everyone’s quite stingy, but no…).”
Taapsee asked the host if he has ever seen anyone carry any gifts in paparazzi photos. “Aapne dekhi hogi yeh photos jab aati hain, toh aapne kitno ke hath mein aapne dekhe hain gifts? (You must have seen photos of people attending parties. Have you seen anyone carry any gifts?)” The host wondered if their staff members carried the gifts, Taapsee said, “Aisa kuch nahi hota (This does not happen).”
Taapsee said that lately, she has been bringing gifts to Diwali parties but since no one gets anything, she felt very out of place carrying a “dabba” around. So, she decided to leave it in her car and gave it to the host only when she was about to leave.
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