Vikram Gives Clarity On Bollywood Director’s Mail – Gulte

Published on: 1:37 am, 23 May 2023
Chiyaan Vikram’s recent movie ‘Ponniselvan’ has gained him a lot of appreciation as always, as the fantastic actor has put up some terrific acting on display. On the other hand, he has received some criticism for not taking up Anurag Kashyap’s upcoming movie ‘Kennedy’ which premiered its teaser at Cannes. Guess what, the story is too big actually that the talented actor has to clarify it as well.
Anurag Kashyap shared that his latest movie was named “Kennedy” after Chiyaan Vikram, who he had in his mind while writing the script. After completing it, he then reached out to the superstar Vikram – who unfortunately never responded. Bollywood fans have been criticizing the movie for being turned down by the actor, while South fans are expressing their gratitude as they feel his past movies like Aparachithudu, Cobra and Mahaan were all in the same genre and had a similar vibe. Surprisingly, Vikram says, he never got Anurag’s mail in the first place.
“Dear Anurag Kashyap! Just revisiting our conversation from over a year ago for the sake of our friends and well-wishers on social media. When I heard from another actor that you had tried to reach me for this film & that you felt I hadn’t responded to you, I called you myself immediately and explained that I hadn’t gotten any mail or msg from you as the mail id that you had contacted me on was no longer active and my number had changed almost 2 years before that. As I said during that phone call, I’m very excited for your film Kennedy and even more so because it has my name”, said Vikram on his social media page, thus proving that he hasn’t slipped the film but it happened.
On the whole, more than premiering the film’s teaser at Cannes, it is this linkup with Vikram that is actually bringing lots of fame to the film Kennedy right now.


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