Who Fell at the Oscars? Lady Gaga Ran Off the Carpet to Help Him Up – NBC Southern California

She made headlines for her unusually minimalist look during a soulful rendition of her “Top Gun: Maverick” song about how we can be our own heroes, but Lady Gaga’s got hero to spare.
The 36-year-old New Yorker wowed Sunday night’s Oscars crowd with her onstage performance, but it’s the one off-stage that everyone’s talking about the morning after. It happened before the first award of the night was handed out.
Gaga was walking the non-red carpet in a more Gaga-style outfit than she wore onstage for her performance during the show, a flowing sheer Versace that was more than a little daring in certain places. (See all the carpet photos here.)
The camera is on her as she does her thing, but suddenly, she spins around, changes course and runs backward — to help a photographer who had just fallen behind her. Gaga was the only person around who appeared to react.
Video shows her grab her gown and hustle over there, lending an arm to help the no-doubt-stunned man back to his feet. She checks in with him, then gets back to what she’s doing. Twitter erupted. Here’s the video.
Lady Gaga is such a pure hearted woman 🫴❤️
That moment with Lady Gaga is the most genuine moment and shows what a true genuine person she is. I’m going to put my neck out & say there’s quite a few actors/actresses who possibly would’ve kept walking & say nah it’s my time to shine! #Oscar
me pretending to fall next to gaga so she can notice me and help me pic.twitter.com/H6f1F9JmBA
Lady Gaga branded the ‘kindest’ star as she rushes to paparazzi’s aid after fall at Oscars https://t.co/WJac5968en
Gaga was nominated for best original song for “Hold My Hand.” See who won that category — and all the rest — here.


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